Tuletar single

The first record of Duo Mysticus, the single Tuletar (Goddess of Fire), was released in May 2020.

It contains two songs: Tuletar and Shamaanin uni


The both songs are in the core of Duo Mysticus own music, combining  singing and the rythm of a shamanic drum.  


The single can be ordered on the Contact us subpage of the website. 

The price is 5 € + shipping. Order the single here.



Tuletar video

The first video of Duo Mysticus, Tuletar (Goddess of Fire), was published in facebook in September 2019.

It reached quickly an international audience, and it has already reached 15 000 viewers, only in facebook.


The video was later published in YouTube, too.





Shamaanin uni

Shamaanin uni (Shaman's Dream) is the title track of our first album. 


Welcome to a journey!


Shamaanin uni (Shaman's Dream) album


It was a long ja powerful dream; mystical yet so real..."   


Our first album Shamaanin uni (Shaman's Dream) was released in June 2021. The music in the album brings the listener to the atmosphere of a mystic forest, to the world of spirits, fairies and totem animals. 


Songs included:

  1. Mystinen uni
  2. Ruuhi
  3. Kauan kulki
  4. Keijujen marssi
  5. Metsän karkelo
  6. Savun henki
  7. Viettelys
  8. Tuletar
  9. Shamaanin uni
  10. Manalan lautturi


The price of the album is 20 € + shipping.

Order the album here.


Hyytämöinen (Spirit of Frost)


The story of Hyytämöinen, Spirit of Frost was published as video in winter 2022.  

Loitsu - The Spell

"Loihdin, loitsin laulan voiman. Laulan voiman, laulan taian."


Loitsu (The Spell) is a power song and a story of an inner journey. We often look for answers in the external world, outisde ourselves. However, miracles begin to happen when we turn to hear our inner voice and strength..


This video was published in December 2022. 

Tuonen kaiku  album


Songs included:

  1.  Syvyyteen
  2.  Loitsu
  3.  Riimut
  4.  Miekkamies / Uhrilehto
  5.  Kalmankalpea neitonen
  6.  Kuun lumo
  7.  Tuonen kaiku
  8.  Mystinen valssi 


Price of the album is 20 € + shipping.

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